SIDUS RECORDS is a full-service Los Angeles-based independent record label. We bring our consumers the best content the music industry has to offer today. Founded in 2014 under the Éclat Media Enterprises, inc. umbrella, Sidus Records is housed to international rising pop star Yvonne Sangudi.

Sidus Records is a longetivity-driven music company that cultivates raw talent. We attract the well-rounded musicians, songwriters and producers. We believe in nurturing our talent and developing their sound, two qualities conducive to a long-term career in the music business.

We produce quality music from a wide spectrum of genres and partner with innovative artists who push the boundaries of mainstream music. Our growing rooster includes the music industries’ finest, who stay at the forefront of new market trends to bring you the best in music.

We specialize in artist development, marketing, music licensing and content distribution. We offer our artists 360 deals, which include artist management, merchandising, touring, endorsements, sponsorships and other music-to-consumer content strategies.

Join the SIDUS movement and be a part of the new generation of world-class music.

*We are currently not accepting unsolicited materials